April 27, 2018

The movie, "All the Money in the World," hit the big screen this past year. It tells of the kidnapping of J.Paul Getty's 16-year-old grandson, John Paul Getty III in 1973, and the refusal of the billionaire industrialist grandfather to pay the ransom cash.


April 18, 2018

One of my favorite all time shows is "The Andy Griffith Show." One could say I watched it "religiously." In fact when I was in seminary we actually had a group chartered by the "Andy Griffith Rerun Watcher's Club." We were the "Andy Griffith Theological Societ...

April 14, 2018

Can anyone identify what line this movie is from? Perhaps this line from the same movie will help, "Show me the money!" If you guessed "Jerry Maguire," you are correct.

I can't believe it was over twenty-two years ago that movie came out, but I can still see th...

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We, the members of Spring Creek United Church of Christ, are a people of God centered in Christ. Responding actively to God's love, we strive to be inclusive, reconciling, and caring in our ministry to each other and to the wider community.

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