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Blessings Given and Blessings Received

As I shared in my message last week, it is a blessing to not only receive blessings, but also to give them. I have been able to offer blessings for this community of faith for two years. Yesterday's service and reception blessed me beyond my wildest imagination! After hearing the gracious words from Jerry Brickey and Rev. Kathy Lawes and reading and hearing your words of blessing to me, I wanted someone to introduce me to this person everyone was offering praises!

Thank you so much for your words, your gifts, and your blessings. While I will no longer be here to be your pastor, I will be taking you all with me, and will continue lifting up Spring Creek Church in prayer and thanksgiving.

My prayer is you will be blessed by future pastors and that you will bless them.

People have been asking what the future holds for me. My apologies for being somewhat allusive with an answer to your questions, because I needed to make sure all the "I's" were dotted and "T's" crossed before I announced anything.

My hope was to be able to take some time off after four years of having no time in between interims. However, the life of interim ministry is "fluid" and most of us serving in this way "hit the ground running." Such is the case for me at this time. Officially, I will be serving as the Intentional Interim Pastor at First Congregational Church in Huntley. This will move me thirty minutes closer to home. I will begin my ministry there at the end of October. So I guess I get a little respite before beginning a new chapter in my life and ministry.

Thank you so much for welcoming me into this community of faith. Thank you for your concerns about where I would land next in ministry. I hope I am welcomed and blessed by them as I have been by you.

If anyone wants to "friend" me on Facebook, I ask that you send me an email confirming that. I do not accept friends that simply pop up on my Facebook feed. You can email me at

With the love of Christ,

Pastor Steve

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