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Our concerts have been on hiatus since March 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. We are happy to be able to report that a resurrection is finally underway, and our faithful subscribers have received several newsletters. We have made some some post-Covid changes in the Concerts On The Creek (COTC) formula in order to manage audience size and still cover our expenses, but our goal continues to be providing affordable high-quality live music to the Rockford community. Attendance at our events is limited to 100. Although we maintain our "paid by donation" model, listeners can ensure seating by making an advanced donation in the form of a $6 ticket sale at THIS LINK. The $6 ticket barely covers our hosting expenses and provides modest compensation for the performers; we encourage those who can afford to help more to give generously during a free-will offering that occurs midway through each concert. Oak Street Health has generously sponsored our Fall 2021 concert series. Oak Street will financially assist any prospective listener who finds a $6 donation to be a difficult burden. Phone 815.979.1949 or email to make special arrangements. 


We're also introducing a new concept called “Inspiration On The Creek" (IOTC). IOTC events will be offered from 7pm to about 8pm on selected Sundays. The music will not be exclusively Christian, and there will be no litany or proselytizing. All the songs will celebrate hope, justice, peace, and faith. Trinadora (10/17/21), Jodi Beach (11/7/21), and Groove Hotel (12/12/21) will launch our inaugural fall 2021 IOTC season. Our Sunday IOTC events are listed along with our Saturday events at THIS LINK.


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While ticket sales and pass-the-bucket collections compensate our performers and provide a small revenue to the church to keep these concerts going, opportunity to contribute directly to our current PayIt4ward recipient will also offered at each concert, continuing a tradition that began in 2018 and has benefited many worthy non-profits in Rockford and the wider community.


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Concert coordinators will do our best to acknowledge your inquiry promptly, but please be aware that we are all volunteers who have other jobs in addition to our Concerts On The Creek responsibilities.

PLEASE do not leave time-sensitive phone inquiries about our concerts on the church answering machine. A church staff member is usually available to answer the phone during our office hours of 10-2 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday but many inquiries will have to be redirected to concert committee members.

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