Open & Affirming Congregation

We are an Open & Affirming, God is still speaking, progressive Christian congregation

SINCE 2007

Reach out in faith for social justice, peace and equality
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On November 27, 2007 the congregation of Spring Creek United Church of Christ voted to accept the following resolution and become Open and Affirming [ONA], the first church in Rockford to do so. That vote put a local stamp of approval on a process begun in 1985 by the 15th General Synod of the United Church of Christ.


WHEREAS Spring Creek United Church of Christ is a community of Christians that strives to be “...inclusive, reconciling and caring in our ministry to each other and to the wider community..." [from our mission statement], and


WHEREAS our members are people of faith who believe each of us is in need of God’s love, guidance and grace,


THEREFORE, be it resolved that we are Open and Affirming (ONA) to all people who seek God’s blessing, regardless of ability, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or national origin.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, we commit ourselves to the continuing process of understanding God’s intentions for us as human beings, proclaiming and sharing God’s extravagant welcome in this place for all people.

You Are Welcome Here!

You are welcome here if you are married or if you are single,

For we will partner with you.


You are welcome here if you are a parent, or the child of one,

For we will be a family to you.


You are welcome here if you know what you believe, and you are welcome here if you are still seeking what to believe,

For we will share our faith.


You are welcome here if you love people whose bodies look like yours, or if you love people whose bodies are different than yours,

For here we are all the body of Christ.


You are welcome here if your people are from this place, or from a different place,

For our God is both here and everywhere.


No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey...


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