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Our outreach to the local and wider community

Boy Scout Troop 123 at Spring Creek UCC, Rockford

Boy Scout Troop 123

BSA Troop 123 has been a continuous presence at Spring Creek Church since our earliest days. This was the first troop to hold a Continuous Fire in 1966 honoring the anniversary of Boy Scouting, and many hundreds of boys have reaped the benefits of the program since it was chartered here in the 1960s.


The Troop's annual Halloween Pumpkin Stand has become a fixture on our front lawn, and their Christmas wreath sales help the boys fund year-round camping adventures.


Troop 123 has produced over 40 Eagle Scouts, and several of their Eagle Projects have benefited Spring Creek, including a stone firepit on our front lawn, our storage garage, our garden benches, and improvements to our woodland trails.

In October 2015, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Boy Scouts of America and the United Church of Christ was signed, renewing the relationship between these two organizations.  ...Read more

We provide the following organizations and initiatives with volunteer and/or financial support on an on-going basis. Click on the information links to find out more about our involvement and opportunities for outreach. Links that navigate away from the Spring Creek website will open in a new browser window.


We partner with Shelter Care Ministries to provide transitional housing for homeless families through the Adopt An Apartment program. Linens, kitchen, bath, and cleaning supplies are collected into kits so we can be ready to refurbish dwellings for new tenants as soon as we receive the call.

Our Pay It 4ward initiative raises funds for local charities in the community, with the fourth Sunday of every month designated for special offerings. Many small grassroots nonprofits have benefited since the initiative began in 2018. Information about the current recipient is available VIA THIS LINK.


We are affiliated with One Body Collaboratives, a local non-profit organization that helps coordinate resources to aid the less fortunate in our community through their Meet the Need initiative.


Our SCCRummage Sale volunteers collect, renovate and resell thousands of consumer goods every year in order to provide both an annual 3-day community event but also an economical shopping alternative for families with limited income. The event reflects our environmental commitment to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.


Our popular Concerts On The Creek music series provides a unique venue for both emerging and regionally-recognized artists to showcase their talents. The series is funded entirely by free will donations without any admission fees.

Commitment to improving the quality of life in our community is a core value of our congregation.
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