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Speaking or Listening: Which do you Prefer?

One of the great things about being present to my grandchildren is watching their development whether talking, walking, conflict resolution, etc. Now that I see them at least two times a week, it still amazes me how they handle all the "things of their lives."

For example, our three-year old granddaughter is "wise beyond her years!" She can be very present to adults conversing with one another at times, and at other times she chooses simply to ignore them. She chooses when she wants to listen and when she wants to speak. Therefore, when adults are talking and she repeats what is said then or at another time, there is surprise that she repeats their words! Sometimes that is good and sometimes it is not so good. When she is watching YouTube videos, it is quite hard to get her to even recognize your presence, let alone respond to your words. No matter if it is speaking words, listening or not listening, she is the one that chooses what she will do. Sometimes that is a great frustration to parents and grandparents!

Saying that, I wonder if that "wisdom" is what we carry with us throughout life? Do adults find it necessary to speak or listen based on their own preference? Of course, we do! We simply call it "our wisdom" and find ourselves justified when we speak out against others' thoughts and why we choose to remain silent when we do not want to respond or act. However, is that what "wisdom" truly is? If it is not, how do we seek wisdom that is...truly wisdom? In the first chapter in the book of Proverbs, we read how that can be found — in God's wisdom. In the eighth chapter of Mark, we see when it is appropriate to speak or listen with God's wisdom rather than our own.

I hope you will join us this coming Sunday as we continue our sermon series "Thrive."

Please note: I will be on vacation this week. Please call the church office if you have any pastoral emergencies.

I also want to thank my daughter, Alison, and my wife, Brenda, for creating our "Thrive" banners! Fortunately, they have the same creative craft gene that I do not possess.

Pastor Steve

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