Be Christ's Guest at the Worldwide Table

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday; a yearly event on our calendar of the liturgy when we recognize that we are a part of the larger church beyond Spring Creek Road, Rockford, and this country. Our denomination and many other Protestant denominations around the globe will be celebrating the gift that Christ gave to us for all time. This gift of bread and the cup brings life and hope wherever it is offered, whenever it is received. Many sacrifice much to be able to partake of this meal. Let us join with our sisters and brothers as we celebrate our common faith. You may want to gather a bread substance, a cracker or whatever is common in your home. Also, a drink of wine, or of water or what

How Do You Mark Your Week?

"Today is Monday. Today is Monday. Monday wash day. Everybody happy? Well I should say!" These are the verses that follow the above doggerel and the verses are repeated as the song progresses: Tuesday - Ironing. Wednesday - Marketing. Thursday - Cleaning. Friday - Bake Day. Saturday­ - Fun Day. Sunday - Rest Day. Do you remember this song or one like it from your childhood? There was a version of it used on Captain Kangaroo in the '50's. There is a similar song based on an Eric Carle book using the days of the week with foods for each day. The song was used to teach children the days of the week. These are also ways to mark the week. What marks your week? When you awaken in the morning, do y

Prayer Without Ceasing

Spring Creek Church has had a Prayer Chain almost continuously since 1994. It has been our duty over the years to pray for one another. It has also been an honor to do so. So many prayerful members and friends have offered to God the needs of other members and friends and folks we have never met. All are children of the Creator. All are sisters and brothers of Christ, the Healer. God cares and blesses all his creation. Scripture tells us to knock (ask and pray) and keep on knocking (asking and praying). We are so thankful that the Prayer Chain tradition continues. Prayer requests are welcomed in the office. These can be kept private or included in the weekly worship service. Because anyone w

Labor Day Has Passed. So What?

Have you forgotten the time honored, steadfast rule that white should not be worn after Labor Day? Quick, before anyone sees you, run and change out of your whites. Store those white shoes and pants for the next tropical season. In the church of my youth, Reverend Maul announced sometime in May that men no longer needed to wear ties and jackets to worship in our sanctuary where hand-held fans from the local funeral home cooled us. My Father, known for his impeccable appearance, could not quite give up the jacket and the tie. Then, after Labor Day regular jackets and ties were back in fashion. My sisters and I never got white shoes since we could only wear them in the summer, and would there

Being Heard While Social Distancing

I was taught that ladies do not yell; they may raise their voices only when necessary. This lady has learned to raise her voice to be heard in these days of COVID-19. One must yell if one wants to be heard because we are following the guidelines: wear a mask, maintain six feet of distance from others, wash hands often, stay out of crowds. I love to have visitors in the office. If a visitor sits in the visitor chair and I stay in my desk chair behind my desk I believe we are at a safe distance and can have a private conversation. I hate remaining behind the desk to talk with people. It is like a barrier, a wall, between us. But this is better than no visit and no conversation at all. One of t

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We, the members of Spring Creek United Church of Christ, are a people of God centered in Christ. Responding actively to God's love, we strive to be inclusive, reconciling, and caring in our ministry to each other and to the wider community.

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