The Herding of Cats, Cows, and Sheep

If you had the chance to herd cats, cows, or sheep, which one would you want to herd?

Of course, you may have heard the adage that trying to get three year olds to head in same direction is like "herding cats." Perhaps, you have heard it said trying to get church folk to head in the same direction is also like "herding cats. As well, trying to get pastors on a short break between sessions at an event to come back on time, is like...herding cats.

It seems everyone is going every which way with no destination in site. And let's be honest, we could substitute any of a number of different groups in there and the result would still be the same — everyone is heading in a different direction with no destination in site.

What about herding sheep? How easy do you think that would be? And what about herding cattle on the back of a horse, sounds like a great "gig!" Perhaps, we are fortunate that Jesus never mentions herding cats or cattle.

I appreciate the way that Barbara Brown Taylor shares about the benefit of herding sheep over cattle (and cats) when she writes:

Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered last Tuesday that someone I know actually grew up on a sheep farm in the Midwest and that according to him sheep are not dumb at all. It is the cattle ranchers who are responsible for spreading that ugly rumor, and all because sheep do not behave like cows.

Cows are herded from the rear by hooting cowboys with cracking whips, but that will not work with sheep at all. Stand behind them making loud noises and all they will do is run around behind you, because they prefe