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Love of Creation — Sacred Earth, Sacred Work

Did you know?

  • UCC ministers coined the phrase "environmental racism" and played a leading role in giving birth to the environmental justice movement in the 1980s?

  • During a six week campaign of civil disobedience in 1982, a movement was born that made national headlines and introduced the world to the issue of environmental racism.

  • UCC has formed a special partnership with a leading climate organization called, so that church green teams are now becoming 350 affiliates?

  • Members of the United Church of Christ have often worked with in the pursuit of justice and shared goals. This informal, longstanding relationship is now being deepened through a pilot endeavor that encourages and invites UCC green teams to affiliate with 350.

  • In places like Flint and Standing Rock, the UCC has been actively involved in standing alongside those struggling for justice?

  • Solidarity is one form that love takes in the ministry of environmental justice. The goal is to find ways that local churches and members can actively support others who are facing environmental injustices.

  • UCC is building a powerful environmental network that stays connected through a blog and e-newsletter called The Pollinator?

  • The Pollinator is a digital platform of the UCC for the sharing of ideas and inspiration, so that we might become more fruitful in the pursuit of environmental justice. Its focus is the building of a faith-filled and faith-rooted movement for the care of creation.

  • UCC churches are deepening and expanding their commitment to the environment by becoming Creation Justice Churches?

  • Whether it is taking on climate change or addressing the lead poisoning of children, environmental justice ministries could not have a higher purpose or calling than they do now. Join the movement and become a Creation Justice Church.

The above information reminds us of our connection with a movement to claim be involved in the ministry of environmental justice. We are part of a movement that continues to find ways to caretakers/stewards of God's creation — A creation that is a blessing.

Our focus in June has been a journey through various paths that are interwoven with "creation and spirituality." In fact, a term has been coined "Creation Spirituality" that is interwoven with the actions of the United Church of Christ as well as others who have been on the journey to find God in all of creation.

While I am still trying to wrap my own head around the phrase, "Creation Spirituality," I hope you will join me this Sunday as we look at the scriptures and hear words from some of the modern day prophets at the forefront of the movement to live out love for creation the way God intended.

Pastor Steve

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