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So What Did You Do on Your Summer Vacation?

Do you remember that first writing project you usually got from your teacher when you returned to school in the Fall? I can't recall how many times, I had to address the question in the title of my article when I was a kid returning to school. I don't know about you, but it was tempting to use the same story as last time I had to do this monotonous task so I could save myself some valuable "free time," and hope that one of my classmates wouldn't "rat me out."

Most of the time, we didn't go on a family vacation. Oh sure, I had some memorable trips like going to California, Disneyland, and Tijuana, Mexico one summer. And there was that one time when making another journey to California that we were exiting Flagstaff, Arizona with a car without the a/c working and saw a tanker car spraying flames out of it on the railroad tracks by the car dealership we had stopped for possible repairs. Soon, from the highway we saw the tanker explode and watched the smoke rise up for many miles beyond. On the same trip, the car finally overheated when we reached Needles, California while the temperature was 117 degrees (in the shade). Sure stories like that always got some quality cred time with your classmates, but most times it was the same old, same old story every year — no trips.

This Sunday we will be looking at trip(s) not planned, perhaps, but trips the faithful took in their journeys of faith. In Hebrews 12:18-29, we will continue our journey with the "Faith Heroes" to see how they were able to make it through tough trips, unforeseen troubles, and unbelievable miracles that happened to them.

So, this Sunday, we get some "trip advice" from our scripture, so we will have a knowledge of the culture where our faith journey travels take us.

Question of the week — So what's up with the owl with a green eye and a red eye at Trip Advisor? (No the picture is not of the "real owl," but due to copyright issues you get another version of said owl.)

Pastor Steve

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