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The Greatness of God's Grace

Have you ever had one of those nights when you are ready to go to bed and then it hits you? You have a "craving" for something to eat. It might have been a commercial you saw concerning a food that converges on your senses to the point that you not only see the "deliciousness" of the food on TV, but you can almost smell it and taste it! Why are cravings so powerful in moving you and I to act upon them? Why is it that we desire what we want when we have a "hunger, a burning, a hankering, a lust?"

A lust? Hey, wait a minute! How can a hankering for some comfort food in the late hours of the evening constitute a sin? Well, if you looked at cravings — whether for food or something else- it can mean "covetousness" and I think the Bible says something about that.

Let's face it, trying not to act upon impulses, desires, urges, cravings is not always an easy task. Some would say it takes "will-power." Some would say it is simply to deny one's self of a want. And perhaps others might say it takes all of our being to not put ourselves in positions where a desire becomes damaging to not only ourselves, but others. How can you and I live life fully with heart, soul, mind, and body in a way that guides us away from ourselves and toward the way of God?

This coming Sunday we continue our sermon series "The Greatness of God." In the scripture we will see that when we fall short, God's grace will always prevail.

I want to thank the Council members, Congregational Care Ministry, and all those who made our "Taco & T-shirt Sunday a huge success! Not only was the food delicious, but the conversation around the tables was a "great taste" of community!

Pastor Steve

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