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A Moment with Youth

I really missed seeing our younger friends at A Moment with Youth this past Sunday. I debated back and forth about having it and even had an idea brewing in my head, but finally decided against it as I was unsure of what the parents and congregation in general were accustomed to. I missed seeing those young faces! Going forward I will be prepared to have a Moment with Youth in the Sunday service to focus on our children, God's precious ones.

I know a worship service may not be on the top of our children's lists of "Fun and Exciting." But I believe they need to be exposed to worship so it becomes a meaningful part of their knowledge of God and a place to form a relationship with God.

Therefore, I propose: Let's encourage the youngsters to be in the Sanctuary at the beginning of the service. At the Time of Passing the Peace they need to be recognized as important participants to the rest of us. Following the Moment with Youth, the children can then disperse as their parents desire. The PrayGround is available which will soon be reorganized.

I had four children with three of them under the age of five in worship services. I know what that is like. I do think all of us, adults without children included, can make this a positive experience. Let's try!

Pastor Joanne

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