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Questions to Ponder

What happened to Autumn? I waited all year for it to arrive. And now Winter is trying to take over.

If winter comes early will Spring come early as well?

November is flying by with Thanksgiving almost here. Will December fly by as well? Puzzlements to be certain.

I submit one more question: if we need, expect and look for our member friends and guests to come to worship and fellowship will they make every effort to be here? I know our members are vibrant, busy folk with many commitments and obligations. I continue to be amazed at all who take care of the many needs a church can present.

We truly need our members and guests to be present because our family of faith is not complete without them. We expect to see our friends and fellow members because together we are The Church. We look for our members and friends to be here and when they are not, we are concerned about their wellbeing.

This was not written to induce guilt! It is just the desire of my heart to let you know how important you are to Spring Creek Church. Jesus has pledged to be present to us, even to the end of the age. (Matt. 28.20) Can we make our presence at Spring Creek a commitment? I am certain we'll do our best.

PS Thanks to two great young people, Annika and Alex, who participated in worship last Sunday.

Pastor Joanne

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