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Preparing for Emmanuel

Christmas is coming...right around the corner... sooner than you expect...just like every other year. We have been steadily preparing for Emmanuel's coming in our services and in our Advent practices.

Now come the big questions:

  • Who have you invited to come to Spring Creek Church to hear Emmanuel – Celebrating Heaven's Child, the Christmas Cantata offered by our choir and instrumentalists on December 22nd within the worship service?

  • Who have you invited to join us on Christmas Eve for a service of love and light with guest soloist, Nicolai Janitzky, at 5:30 PM?

  • Who will you invite to join our family of faith for a casual time of worship and carol singing on Sunday, December 29th? A mystery instrumentalist will add to the festivities!

As you make your plans for these holy weeks, your church looks forward to celebrating this season with you, your family and guests.

Pastor Joanne

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