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Change Is In the Air

Change is in the air. Maybe not all-at-once, in-your-face, upset-my-routine kind of change but a bit here and a bit there. Some may not even notice the changes.

If we do not change we continue to do the same thing over and over expecting new results, disappointed that nothing new happens. Those previous ways were great at their inception, but now they can seem meaningless because they have become rote, routine, and we may have come to observe them mindlessly.

  • There are ideas afloat.

  • Possibilities abound.

  • Ideas to be considered.

  • Plans to be made.

  • Changes to embrace.

May Christ be in all and through all.

Be alert. Watch prayerfully. Be open and positive. Commit. Be a part of the excitement. It is time to take hold of our faith, commit to it, live it with joy, and extend it to others.

Join us in worship and fellowship this Sunday. YOU are important to the process.

Pastor Joanne

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