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Celebrating the Big V

Friday is the big V. Yes, Valentine's Day. No, it is not a holiday and no, it was not invented by Hallmark or Hershey. It is not a day just to spend money on a trinket or an expensive dinner. It is a day to tell and even better to show someone that you care.

What would it be like if we told the people in our lives that we cared for and about them? What would it be like if we not only told but also showed others that we cared about them? What would it be like on Valentine's Day if we demonstrated our care for the least, the lost and the lonely?

May God, the author of all love who loves us so freely, inspire us to be compassionate and caring. May God's unending love flow through us each day as we demonstrate love and concern for the lonely, the hungry, the homeless, the rejected among us. Help us to love as you love, O God.

Pastor Joanne

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