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Preparing for the Promise of Easter

What did your family, what did you do to get ready for Christmas? Favorite decorations may have been put in places of honor in your home. Some may have put lights and other decorations outside. Meals were planned that included family favorites served only at this holiday season. Money was spent on gifts. Maybe you had an Advent Wreath in your home and perhaps you participated in special church services and activities. Great! Those can all be special and meaningful activities for us as we await the birth of the Christ Child in our hearts once again.

Now, what are you or your family doing to prepare for Easter? Decorations? Special meals? Traditions? Rituals? Participation in spiritual activities?

Plan to make this a special time for yourself, for your family to read, pray, reflect on who you are as a follower of Christ and to evaluate where you are in your Christian life. Invite our Savior to accompany you on this journey through Lent. Join this family of faith in our walk through the forty days

Spring Creek Church welcomes you as we walk with Christ anticipating the joyful news of the resurrection and preparing our hearts for the beauty and promise that Easter provides. Make this season a priority in your schedule, in your life.

Pastor Joanne

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