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Easter Traditions, Old and New

What Easter traditions does your family observe? Do you attend an outdoor sunrise service? Do family members gather to attend church services? Do you gather with one another or friends for a feast? Is there an Easter Egg Hunt? Does the Easter Bunny come with treats for young ones? Do you cherish a quiet introspective afternoon following Holy Week? Do you make phone calls to reach out to family afar?

This Easter will be different.

What will you do this year that may start a new tradition? What aspects of the Easter story will capture your imagination? What new insights will you have? What can we do to bring Easter joy to another person? Will the Easter story change us? How will we be different from our pre-Easter patterns?

The love of God propelled Christ through Holy Week, death and resurrection. That same love is available to us now, the power that raised Christ from death. How will we utilize that power?

May God raise us all to a renewed life of faith and service!

Pastor Joanne

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