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How Are You?

When we meet a friend or are introduced to a new friend we often say, "Hello, nice to meet you." Very often when we greet someone in person or over the phone we begin with, "How are you?" That three-word question rolls off our tongues without our even thinking about it. It has become a trite question and all too often we do not give time for the other person to give a thoughtful answer, or we do not listen carefully so that the other person's response registers on our brains. We are just off and running with what we want to say. (I pronounce myself guilty of this!)

In these virus-tainted days that second greeting, "How are you?" is more important than ever. Call a friend. Call an acquaintance. Call a relative. Call someone you have not spoken to in some time. Call, and then listen. Emails and texts are OK, but the concern expressed in the human voice cannot be replicated.

In our quarantine, one day feels like the one before and sameness and routine can overtake us. I heard that one of our members delivered a restaurant meal, as a treat, to another member who could not get out of the house, an angel in our midst. What simple thing can you think of that would brighten someone's day, that would make this a red-letter day for both of you? Strap on your angel wings and go for it!

Pastor Joanne

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