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Voices and Faces

Sometimes as I am falling asleep, I mentally walk through Edgemont School, my grade school, in East St. Louis. The building I attended no longer stands and the playground is no longer recognizable. I had many happy days in that building and it is amazing that I can still visualize each of the 10 rooms in that school and name the teacher that directed learning therein. Funny that I can remember that old green building so well but cannot remember what I did last month!

On other nights I lull myself to sleep trying to remember faces and voices of loved ones who have passed. I can see my childhood Pastor of Immanuel Evangelical and Reformed Church, I remember his gait, his haircut, his smile. I no longer remember his voice as Reverend Maul passed on to that great UCC in the sky in 1974. I still hear in my mind my Father's voice, but my Mother's voice is beginning to fade from my memory bank.

I miss your voice. I miss all your voices. I haven't served this congregation long enough to have each voice securely stored in my vault! It is great to share texts and emails but hearing the voice makes everything so much more personal.

Is there someone you love, care about, are concerned about? Call them. Hear every word and store it for review on those nights when you cannot sleep. Thank God for the beautiful, one-of-a-kind voice of a friend.

May the angels guard, guide and protect you in your waking and in your sleeping,

Pastor Joanne

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