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My Friend Monica

We have all been inundated with scenes of horror this past week. Human tragedy and senseless greed, two things that should never go together, have been on our TV screens night after night. I have listened to the names of cities that have experienced demonstrations and those that have experienced lawless riots. One in particular caught my attention, Santa Monica. That name reminded me of a friend of mine.

My friend, Monica, had her hands full of problems, some of them like the problems we face. She had a husband named Patrick who was abusive and could go off in a snap. She also found that he was unfaithful. Pat's mother, Monica's mother in law, interfered in the marriage which helped nothing. To top it all off Monica had a son who seemed out of control. Monica is my hero because she prayed for her son for thirty years before he experienced a change of heart, a change of attitude.

My friend is better known as St. Monica, the long-suffering wife and mother (332-387 AD) who never gave up on her son who is known as St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, North Africa. My friend Monica has taught me an important lesson; never give up, it is not over yet.

Do not remain in despair. We, you and I, are handling a lot of turmoil in our minds and hearts. But God is not finished working with us and through us. That gentleman's life cannot be brought back, but what will we do, be and say that will give tribute to him, his grieving family, and the hosts of citizens who have protested the injustice of this situation and others?

Pray. Pray again. Pray still again. Pray again and again for liberty and justice for all.

Pastor Joanne

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