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Spiritual Well-Being

How's your health? Taking prescriptions for a condition? Doing therapy for an injury? Taking supplements to help ease discomfort or pain? Exercising to keep the joints supple?

On any given day one of my knees or the other is giving me problems. Surgery may be in my future but not this week, not this month, I hope not this year. I have compression sleeves to wear on days when one or the other is "speaking" to me and if I am on a shopping trip, I wear both just for insurance.

How's your spiritual health? Reading the Bible? Praying regularly? Taking part in worship with your congregation? Finding time for quiet and meditation? Sharing your faith with others and listening to other's faith stories?

I spend a considerable amount of time crafting a message and a service each week but do not depend on my insights as your entire spiritual meal for the week. Branch out! Find other inspirational reading, something uplifting to listen to, quiet time for a conversation with God, a moment to read a Psalm or the readings from the past or the upcoming Sunday.

We must stay healthy physically and most importantly spiritually to run the race of life. As Timothy says in II Timothy 4.7: I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. May it be so for you, also.

Pastor Joanne

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