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First Jobs

There was an article in Parade Magazine this past Sunday that started me thinking. The question was posed, "What was your first job?" I thought of the first jobs each of my children had. One worked at Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Country Club, one at Gray's IGA, one at the now defunct Hilander, and one at the Rockford YMCA. I began my working career as a babysitter extraordinaire but the first job where I was paid by company check was at the East St. Louis Young Men's Christian Association.

My Mom was an excellent job coach. She said it was not enough to get to work on time, get there early. Learn every skill available to you. Do more than the job requires. If someone asks if you know how to do something, tell them yes, and we will go back in the off hours and learn how to do it. I worked many different positions at the Y, and it could not have been a better place to learn skills that I still use today.

What was your first job? What did you learn from it? Did it prepare you for another job?

What were your early faith experiences? Sunday school? Children's Church? Bible School? Youth Group? Mission trips? Adult Worship? What did you learn from it? Has it prepared you for who and what you are today? Most importantly, have you grown and matured in faith from those first experiences? Faith is a living, growing gift from God and we must feed it, nourish it, with worship, prayer, Holy Communion, reading, and fellowship. Even in our present separation and confinement our faith can grow and mature. What one thing can you and I do this week to grow in wisdom and in favor with God and women and men?

Pastor Joanne

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