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Dog Days

We know a "three dog night" means it would take three dogs in bed with you to keep you warm.

But what are the "dog days of summer?"

I have learned that the dog days of summer actually occur between July third and August eleventh. These are the days when the sun and the Sirius star, part of the constellation Canis Major, are in the same region of the sky.

I think of August as being the dog days; days when the weather is hot and sultry, there can be sudden thunderstorms, and I feel lazy. Before widespread air conditioning people seemed to take the dog days seriously and slowed down the pace of life. Many folks planned vacations for the days of August.

Through three dog nights or dog days of summer your church is here. (Thanks be to God; we suffered no damage during the recent storm.) Your church family remains connected in love and spirit and in our virtual worship. Jesus' parting words to his disciples were, "Remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age." I am counting on that.

Joanne Buss

Pastor Joanne

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