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Being Heard While Social Distancing

I was taught that ladies do not yell; they may raise their voices only when necessary.

This lady has learned to raise her voice to be heard in these days of COVID-19. One must yell if one wants to be heard because we are following the guidelines: wear a mask, maintain six feet of distance from others, wash hands often, stay out of crowds.

I love to have visitors in the office. If a visitor sits in the visitor chair and I stay in my desk chair behind my desk I believe we are at a safe distance and can have a private conversation. I hate remaining behind the desk to talk with people. It is like a barrier, a wall, between us. But this is better than no visit and no conversation at all. One of these days we will be able to meet and greet one another with more civility.

Thank God that God is still speaking from six feet, from six miles, from across the universe and can be clearly heard by all those who listen.

Pastor Joanne

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