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Labor Day Has Passed. So What?

Have you forgotten the time honored, steadfast rule that white should not be worn after Labor Day? Quick, before anyone sees you, run and change out of your whites. Store those white shoes and pants for the next tropical season.

In the church of my youth, Reverend Maul announced sometime in May that men no longer needed to wear ties and jackets to worship in our sanctuary where hand-held fans from the local funeral home cooled us. My Father, known for his impeccable appearance, could not quite give up the jacket and the tie. Then, after Labor Day regular jackets and ties were back in fashion. My sisters and I never got white shoes since we could only wear them in the summer, and would therefore not get enough wear out of them. It was black patent shoes for us year-round.

Times and formalities have changed. John Donne wrote, "God hath made no decree to distinguish the seasons of his mercies...all occasions invite his mercies, and all times are his seasons." Good news. We are not bound by prescriptions of law or tradition or time. God meets us as we are, where we are even in this time of COVID-19. And God mercifully greets us by name with joy.

Pastor Joanne


I invite you to join us this and every Sunday morning for our live-streamed Facebook worship service at 10:30 am, preceded by 5 minutes of music for meditation to help folks get settled. Pajama attire and pets are welcome.

God Is Still Speaking,

Let's listen together.



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