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Be Christ's Guest at the Worldwide Table

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday; a yearly event on our calendar of the liturgy when we recognize that we are a part of the larger church beyond Spring Creek Road, Rockford, and this country. Our denomination and many other Protestant denominations around the globe will be celebrating the gift that Christ gave to us for all time. This gift of bread and the cup brings life and hope wherever it is offered, whenever it is received. Many sacrifice much to be able to partake of this meal. Let us join with our sisters and brothers as we celebrate our common faith.

You may want to gather a bread substance, a cracker or whatever is common in your home. Also, a drink of wine, or of water or whatever is available to you will complete the preparations. As the elements are offered and consumed, let us remember that we are eating and drinking with our sister churches in Rockford and many, many far beyond, who proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior in this feast.

This table is open to all who will come. You are invited. You are expected. Be Christ's guest.

Pastor Joanne


I invite you to join us this and every Sunday morning for our live-streamed Facebook worship service at 10:30 am, preceded by 5 minutes of music for meditation to help folks get settled. Pajama attire and pets are welcome.

God Is Still Speaking,

Let's listen together.



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