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Glory To God

It's that time of the year when God's glory appears before us. The leaves on the trees and other foliage are changing colors as the length of daylight decreases and the temperatures decline. The beautiful colors which were always present in the leaves have come forth. As I see these beautiful displays of God's handiwork I can only say, "Glory to God!" Let "Glory to God" be our mantra, our chant, our prayer, in these days of great beauty and may it become a habit to praise our Creator God every day of the year.

Glory to God!

Pastor Joanne


Time for Healing

The second Sunday of the month is set aside for healing, for ourselves and for those who are dear to us. We may also choose to pray for the healing of our country; for her leadership, for race relations, for our healthcare and all essential workers, and for those whose lives and jobs have been affected by COVID-19. Bring these intentions to our service on Sunday and offer them to the One who can heal minds, bodies, and spirits.


I invite you to join us this and every Sunday morning for our live-streamed Facebook worship service at 10:30 am, preceded by 5 minutes of music for meditation to help folks get settled. Pajama attire and pets are welcome.

God Is Still Speaking,

Let's listen together.



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