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A Moment with Youth, continued

It was grand to see so many of our precious young ones (and one a bit older) at the Moment with Youth within the service this past Sunday. The children were perfectly behaved, attentive and responsive. They have so much to offer us, so much we can learn from them. They and we need to learn to worship as a family. Be sure to offer them your hand as we wish one another Christ's peace in the service. I will be offering a Moment with Youth each Sunday. This should be a holy habit for our youth and for me as their Pastor.

On the other hand, I was distressed to have to turn down the opportunity to be a youth education teacher. Time does not permit me to do my best as a Sunday teacher and as a Sunday worship leader. I wish we could offer a consistent program every week; I do understand we have some constraints we work under and so many of you have been generous in leading our education program. I'm looking for ways we can offer something most Sundays of the school year. Let's all pray about it and I look forward to your ideas and inspirations!

Pastor Joanne

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