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This and That, News and Notes, Here and There

I know you understand that the worship and production teams are learning as we present the worship services online. Hopefully, we improve week by week. Be certain to turn up the volume on your device when you log on. We have limited ability to change the sound, light etc. as we are not in a studio set up for video production. In the future we may consider acquiring an appropriate camera for this purpose. It is amazing what Deb and Duane have been able to do with what is already on hand.

For safety and privacy concerns I include few last names within the service since the service goes out beyond our membership.

If you would like to have the loan of a New Century Hymnal in your home, you may stop by during office hours and check one out.

One scripture for this coming Sunday is Psalm 16 from the Contemporary English Version. You may have one of these in your collection. Otherwise follow along with the worship leader as they read with the Bible of your choice.

The second scripture is the story of the walk to Emmaus. We will "walk" through this story together so you may want to have your Bible open and ready for the journey - Luke 24.13-35

As each week progresses reread the Bible passages that were presented in the service; discover what words or phrases have new meaning for you. God is still speaking to us and one way God speaks is through scripture. Remember to pray for those on our prayer list. Insert these dear ones in your daily prayers.

I am beginning to dream what 4500 Spring Creek Road will be like on the day of everyone's return to corporate worship. Hopefully we will "raise the roof!" Get ready.

Pastor Joanne

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