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Spreading love in a season of unknowns

How beautiful is the green earth, the stars in the heavens above?

But what would the whole earth be worth if we did not fill it with love?

The drive to work each morning has become a joy. Things that looked like eyesores in the bareness of winter are all of a sudden becoming things of beauty. The grass is the lush bright green of spring. Hostas have arisen from the ground and seem to grow and expand overnight. Trees are budding and some are blooming providing splashes of color here and there. Tulips and other flowers wave greetings to passersby. We have waited so many months for this very time. Enjoy! Thank God for the extravagant gift of earth, our home, and of spring, a promise of new life.

The quotation above is from a song I sang in the Junior Department of Sunday School. In this season and in summer it seems we sang it every Sunday, that is why I remember it so well. The song expresses where we are in this season of unknowns. The earth is beautiful, we are living in unusual times, our lives are upset. No matter the times or the seasons the imperative is the same: fill your space with love, be it a room, an apartment, or a house. Let us fill the whole earth with love.

Pastor Joanne

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