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How Do You Mark Your Week?

"Today is Monday. Today is Monday. Monday wash day. Everybody happy? Well I should say!"

These are the verses that follow the above doggerel and the verses are repeated as the song progresses: Tuesday - Ironing. Wednesday - Marketing. Thursday - Cleaning. Friday - Bake Day. Saturday­ - Fun Day. Sunday - Rest Day.

Do you remember this song or one like it from your childhood? There was a version of it used on Captain Kangaroo in the '50's. There is a similar song based on an Eric Carle book using the days of the week with foods for each day. The song was used to teach children the days of the week. These are also ways to mark the week.

What marks your week? When you awaken in the morning, do you immediately know what day it is and what may lie ahead? Are the days in this COVID Era running together? Does one day seem pretty much like the day before and like the next day to come? You are not alone in your muddling.

Many of us marked the first day of the week, Sunday, with attendance at worship. Monday through Friday may have been marked by going to work outside the home or others staying home to do such chores as washing and ironing etc., and the weekend was for gathering with family and friends.

I hope you still start your week with God and your church family in communal worship. Of course, I recommend our virtual service at 10:25 on Sunday. I know that some do not watch the service until later in the week. Some participate in virtual worship services before or after our time slot. Many start Sunday and every day with morning prayer and devotions.

Would you consider marking another day as a Spring Creek Church Day? No, you don't have to come or even tune in on that day. (If you can come to church, there are always weeds that need pulled and rummage that needs cataloging.) Could you set aside the beginning or ending of one day a week to pray for our church? To pray for her leadership now and the pastor God is preparing for us? Could you pray for those mentioned in the service the Sunday before and listed in the prayer section of the eNews? Would you please pray for those among us who seek healing and wholeness? Pick a day. Pick every day. Chat with God. God is available to all of us each day of the week.

Pastor Joanne


I invite you to join us this and every Sunday morning for our live-streamed Facebook worship service at 10:30 am, preceded by 5 minutes of music for meditation to help folks get settled. Pajama attire and pets are welcome.

God Is Still Speaking,

Let's listen together.



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